How To Become Teacher

Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

• Have a smile
• Be respectful
• Appreciate one and other’s differences
• Appreciate one and other’s talents
• Thanks goes a long way
• Respectevery student as yo your self wist to be respect
• Praise people often and have patience
• Always have the students best interest at heart
• Expect the best and you will most often get it
• Be cheerful always
• Be proactive and positive
• Be friendly and relaxed
• Listen to your student as individuals
• Have fun with your student
• Some time joke with your student
• Know like and dislike of your student
• Surprice your student at time with something creative
• Find ways to make students responsible for their own learning
• Don’t bring your personal problem to the classroom
• Don’t criticise a person
• Don’t humiliate your student
• Don’t compare one student and other
• Don’t call the student stupid
• Prepare all of your lesson
• Be organized of class
• Know your subject
• Have a lesson plan for every lesson
• Give exciting project
• Be creative and innovative
• Use a variative of teaching methods
• Know your students by their proper name
• Be in your class always
• Have a confidence and control at all time
• Always use positive word
• Give the student reward as you can

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